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Skilled Trial Lawyers For People Harmed Through Medical Mistakes

Most people are brought up to trust, admire and respect doctors. Physicians are perceived as educated, caring professionals who devote their lives to helping other people. And in most cases, this perception is quite accurate. Like anyone else, however, doctors make mistakes. Sometimes, these errors lead to devastating injuries. If you have been harmed by a doctor’s negligence, you should not have to suffer financial strain on top of your physical injuries.

Medical malpractice is an extremely complicated area of law. To bring a successful lawsuit, victims must show that a doctor, hospital or any other health professional acted outside the ordinary standard of care. These cases require extensive trial preparation, including assembling medical records, obtaining expert reports and calling upon credible witnesses to provide compelling testimony. Without a skilled legal team on your side, you are unlikely to recover the compensation you deserve.

At Nugent & Bryant, we are committed to representing victims of medical mistakes and family members of people who have been killed because of negligence. Our trial lawyers have obtained multimillion-dollar settlements for people hurt by physician negligence and hospital carelessness.

Helping Victims Of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is a big category of law that includes many types of personal injuries. At Nugent & Bryant, we are ready to help individuals and their families obtain damages in the areas described below.

Birth Injuries

Welcoming a new baby into the world is supposed to be a time of anticipation and great joy. When your baby is hurt due to a medical error, excitement quickly turns to anguish. Will your child ever have a normal life? How will you pay for all the medical bills?

At Nugent & Bryant, we have helped families hurt by physician, hospital and medical staff negligence. Common birth injuries include shoulder dystocia, cerebral palsy, umbilical cord compression, Erb’s palsy and other brain injuries.

Failure To Diagnose

Most doctors see dozens of patients each day. A physician in a busy hospital might treat hundreds of people in a 24-hour period. When doctors take on more than they can handle, they miss important warning signs and conditions. The failure to diagnose can cause a patient to develop more serious ailments, such as infection, cancer and even death.

Surgical Mistakes

Surgical mistakes are among the most common types of medical malpractice. An alarmingly large number of surgeons work far too many hours in a single shift. In many hospitals and surgery centers, physicians operate on several patients back to back without sleeping or taking breaks. At Nugent & Bryant, we can help medical practice victims recover compensation for a variety of surgical errors, including anesthesia mistakes, unnecessary procedures, instruments left inside the body and removal of the wrong limb.

Medication Errors

As the population ages, an increasing number of people rely on medication to keep them in good health. Doctors have an obligation to maintain accurate medical records that allow them to check a patient’s history for potentially dangerous drug interactions and health conditions. Even a relatively simple prescription error can cause death. At Nugent & Bryant, we can help victims and their families obtain justice for these all too common mistakes.

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