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Trial Lawyers Handling A Full Range Of Civil Litigation

At Nugent & Bryant, we are trial lawyers. Although most people do not realize it, not all lawyers know how to handle a trial. Because the vast majority of cases settle long before they reach a courtroom, some attorneys see just one or two trials throughout their entire career. When you have a legal matter that puts your livelihood and personal assets on the line, you need a lawyer with the skill and experience to defend you at every stage of a legal dispute.

Helping Individuals And Businesses

As litigators, we help clients prepare for all aspects of a case. Although we believe in aggressive trial representation when needed, our focus is on achieving the best outcomes for the people and businesses we represent. In some cases, settlement provides the optimal mix of cost-savings and results. In others, a full-blown jury trial is the only way to obtain our client’s goals.

No matter how a case turns out, however, our clients are always in control of their own destinies. We will thoroughly explain your options and help you explore your chances of success, but we never forget that we work for you – not the other way around.

Types Of Cases We Can Handle Through Litigation

Whereas some attorneys delay planning for trial until settlement negotiations fail, we begin prepping for the courtroom as soon as we get started on your case. This allows our clients to explore all their options without worrying about the possibility of a trial down the road. Our caseload includes personal injury and wrongful death claims related to the following:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, including car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian and truck accidents
  • Medical negligence cases, including surgical errors, emergency room errors, failure to diagnose cancer and other diagnostic errors
  • Dangerous or defective products, such as appliances, power tools, toys, car parts and medications
  • Dog bites, slip-and-falls and other injuries occurring on dangerous premises, such as in parking lots without adequate lighting or security

Our Pledge To You

Civil litigation can be a stressful undertaking. Whether you have never needed a lawyer in your life or you have defended multiple lawsuits, litigating a dispute is rarely a relaxing process. That is why we approach each case with the same basic principles: a tireless effort to deliver great results while treating our clients with respect and integrity. When you sign on with us, you can expect:

Accessibility. Many lawyers cite business or their workload as an excuse for never answering their phones. At Nugent & Bryant, we think this is unacceptable. Most people are busy. Our clients are busy, too. We are in the business of serving the people we represent, not pushing them off to support staff or an answering service. If you have a question, we will answer it within a reasonable amount of time. Every time.

Personalized attention. When you hire an attorney at Nugent & Bryant, that attorney handles your case from start to finish. You will not be handed over to an associate halfway through your case. We understand that your legal issue is extremely important to you. It is a priority in your life, which is why we make it a priority in our practice.

Value. We provide experienced and attentive legal services at a reasonable price. Litigation expenses can quickly spiral out of control. We closely monitor the costs associated with your case and keep you informed every step of the way.

Contact An Accomplished Litigator Today

Our extensive history handling civil litigation and our successful recovery of millions for past clients are indicators of our suitability to take on challenging new cases. If you have a civil litigation matter that requires the talents of a seasoned litigation team, call us at 203-580-4607 or send an email inquiry to discuss your case.