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Should Nursing Homes Install Surveillance Cameras?

From department stores and offices to schools and government buildings, modern life is often captured on surveillance video. Cameras are such an integral part of everyday life, most people do not even notice them. Although many people believe they provide important security, others feel too much surveillance is an intrusive violation of privacy rights.

The discussion surrounding the tradeoff between safety and security has recently surfaced in the context of nursing homes. In January 2016, Illinois became the fifth state to allow cameras in resident rooms in nursing homes. So far, Connecticut law does not permit it. Under the new Illinois law, the nursing home resident or, if appropriate, his or her family and any roommates sharing the room must consent to the camera’s presence.

Benefits and Possible Drawbacks of Nursing Home Cameras

There are both positives and negatives to placing cameras in nursing homes. Advocates claim the cameras give family members peace of mind, as they allow families to make sure their loved ones are not being mistreated. They also claim the cameras can be used to check in on nursing home residents without disturbing them.

Detractors say the cameras’ downsides outweigh any potential benefits. They claim the cameras will encourage nursing home staff to depend on the cameras to monitor residents, obviating the need for in-person checks. They also suggest the cameras could make life uncomfortable for residents, as they lose privacy in their own living spaces.

Finding Long-Term Care for Your Loved Ones

Choosing a nursing home is a big decision that requires a great deal of thought and research. Whether you are for or against cameras in nursing homes, there are several things you can do to make sure the nursing home you select is the right one for your family member.

Make an unannounced visit. How do staff behave when they are unprepared for your visit?

Watch for the activities offered by the nursing home. Are the residents enjoying an active, fulfilling lifestyle? Does the facility provide a wide range of outings and other activities appropriate for individuals with various ability levels?

Keep an eye on cleanliness and competency. Look for signs the staff are well-trained in maintaining hygiene and a high level of medical competence.

Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers

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