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Are You Guilty of These Risky Driving Behaviors?

If you have ever driven on the highway, chances are you have seen someone doing something completely ridiculous – not to mention dangerous – behind the wheel. Besides texting, you may have seen someone applying makeup, shaving their face, or even reading a book while driving.

These behaviors are alarming, but they are actually more common than you might realize. These days, people often use their cars as second homes. We lead busy lives, which force us to multitask. Too busy to eat? It’s easy to grab a burger in the car. Not enough time to do your hair at home? That’s what the car’s visor mirror is for, right? Wrong.

According to a recent survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, an astounding 87 percent of drivers admitted they have done something risky behind the wheel – and that’s just the number of people who admit it.

Risky Driving Behaviors That Lead to Accidents

When it comes to road safety, the president of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says we have a “culture of indifference.” Most people believe they are careful drivers, but the numbers tell a different story. In its survey, the foundation found that the following behaviors contributed to the most accidents:

Distracted Driving

  • More than 70 percent of motorists talked on a cell phone while driving; one in three drivers said they do this regularly
  • 42 percent of drivers surveyed say they regularly read a text or email while driving
  • More than 80 percent of drivers believe distracted driving is a bigger problem now than it was just three years ago


  • Half of all drivers admit to driving more than 15 miles over the posted speed limit
  • About 15 percent of driver surveyed say they regularly drive faster than 15 miles over the speed limit

Drowsy Driving

  • 32 percent of motorists report they have been unable to keep their eyes open behind the wheel, but drove anyway
  • Research conducted by AAA reveals that drowsy driving causes an average of 328,000 crashes each year

Seat Belts

  • One in five drivers say they sometimes drive without a seat belt
  • Previous research shows that nearly half of all people involved in fatal car crashes in 2013 were not wearing a seat belt

Drunk Driving

  • More than one in eight drivers admit to driving while impaired by alcohol
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that nearly 10,000 fatal car crashes are caused by drivers with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher

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