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Nugent & Bryant Helps WWII Vet Collect Nearly $1.8 Million in Car Accident Case

From left to right: Lenny Isaac, Herb Shook & Jim Nugent.

At Nugent & Bryant, our mission is to help people. Although we are honored to represent each one of our clients as they pursue compensation for their injuries, we feel especially privileged to have worked with Henry Shook.

Mr. Shook served our country during World War II. He is 89 years old, but you would never know it by looking at him.

In 2012, Mr. Shook’s life was forever changed when a motorist exiting Interstate 84 West in Manchester struck the side of his vehicle as he attempted to turn left onto Deming Street.

Trapped inside his vehicle after the impact, Mr. Shook was eventually freed by firefighters and taken to the hospital, where doctors discovered he had fractured both hips. His left hip was broken in two place, while his right had one fracture. The collision had also broken several of his ribs.

Mr. Shook spent nine days in intensive care, where his injuries and some heart complications nearly killed him. Fortunately, his injuries didn’t require surgery, but he still spent a long two months in a rehabilitation facility.

Immediately after the accident, the other driver told the police Mr. Shook had run a red light, causing her to smash into his vehicle. The police agreed and ticketed Mr. Shook.

Injustice Righted Years Later

For a couple years, it seemed Mr. Shook would have to live out the rest of his life knowing he had been a victim of injustice. He knew he had been wrongly blamed for the car accident that had nearly claimed his life, but how could he ever prove it?

Fortunately, our co-counsel, Attorney Lenny Isaac, located a pair of witnesses who had observed the crash – a mother and daughter who had called 911 seconds after the collision. They testified Mr. Shook’s light was green at the time of the crash.

The jury agreed, awarding Mr. Shook $1.78 million.

It took some time, but the end result was a wrong corrected and a veteran given the compensation he deserves.

To read more, please follow this link to a recap of our victory by the Connecticut Law Tribune.

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